Zetec Klinthos – Entity


Character – Zetec Klinthos – Entity

Submitted by – Braydon




Piece Name Primary Dye Color Secondary Dye Color Tertiary Dye Color
Head Dreadfang Blind Shades Eve Black Redmoon Platinum Grey
Shoulders Disgusting Dreg Mantle Redmoon
Chest Exceptional Technomancer’s Eldanplate Uniform Platinum Grey Redmoon
Hands Brewmaster’s Clamps Redmoon
Legs Technomancer’s Eldanplate Overpants Shades Eve Black Redmoon
Feet Remarkable Technomancer’s Eldanplate Boots Platinum Grey Redmoon
Weapon Bladed Revengers

Where to Obtain:

  • Head:
  • Shoulders: http://www.jabbithole.com/items/disgusting-dreg-mantle-26936
  • Chest: http://www.jabbithole.com/items/exceptional-technomancers-eldanplate-uniform-52397
  • Hands: http://www.jabbithole.com/items/brewmasters-clamps-26932
  • Legs: http://www.jabbithole.com/items/technomancers-eldanplate-overpants-52376
  • Feet: http://www.jabbithole.com/items/remarkable-technomancers-eldanplate-boots-52423
  • Weapon: http://www.jabbithole.com/items/bladed-revengers-26918
  • Mount:


I myself prefer this kind of red on the costume but it is very hard to find a weapon to match. a good dye to match this weapon would be the ‘Novacite’ dye it matches the green perfectly when put in place of the red dye. another helmet that would work and expecialy best with the ‘Novacite’ dye would be the ‘Executioner’s Bloodied Exohelm’ (http://www.jabbithole.com/items/executioners-bloodied-exohelm-38571). the last picture shows it with the green dye and the helmet. tell me you opinion because I cant decide on which i like better.