SubZero TheStalker – Entity

  • Character: SubZero TheStalker of Entity
  • Submitted by: Nub from VN

Hey there! This is the first time i upload to wildstar fashion so the images may be broken. This is a magnificent Japanese style costume, its look almost perfect with the cold cobalt dyes and the torine blue dyes( OMG I LOVE TORINE BLUE LOL), soooooooo………..enjoy 🙂
(Sry 4 my bad English if i do >.<)
(LOL the final pic :3, her name is Yui XD )


Piece Name Primary Dye Color Secondary Dye Color Tertiary Dye Color
Head Nanorium Cowl (Light armor) Cold Cobalt Torine Blue Torine Blue
Shoulders Hypertrace (Med armor) Cold Cobalt Torine Blue
Chest NebMAM regalia MK.VIII (light armor) Cold Cobalt Hydrogem Torine Blue
Hands Hypertrace hands (Med Armor) Torine Blue
Legs Training Buskins (med armor) (U can wear any type of legs, it doest matter) Cold Cobalt
Feet (The name is so damn long XD)You can put a random stealth boots in, its fit Cold Cobalt Torine Blue Torine Blue

Where to Obtain:

  • Head: Craft, action house, drop from mob or challenge(im not sure where to obtain, i bought it from action house)
  • Shoulders: Craft, action house ( remind the action house, a lot of people selling this)
  • Chest: In Fortunate's Ground, a mokeybot name ARMSBOT V-65 selling this armor ( REMIND THE NAME OF THE ARMOR, U CAN BUY A WRONG ONE)(actually, the mokey is in THE EDGE of the Fortunate's Ground)
  • Hands: Again, people sell this thing a lot in action house
  • Legs: I found this in action house, outfitter crafting
  • Feet: Action house or drop from challange
  • Weapon: Action house, or in Fortunate's Ground ( keep finding)
  • Mount: