Mayor DasMoose – Entity


Character – Mayor DasMoose – Entity

Submitted by – Mayor DasMoose




PieceNamePrimary Dye ColorSecondary Dye ColorTertiary Dye Color
HeadFancy-Pants Top HatDark MatterBloodfire RedGlittering Gold
ShouldersExplorer’s Comfortable ShoulderBloodfire RedDark MatterGlittering Gold
ChestCartographer’s Impassive ChestpieceDark MatterBloodfire RedGlittering Gold
HandsCrimson Marauder’s CuffsDark MatterBloodfire RedGlittering Gold
LegsScientist’s Lab PantsDark MatterGamescon Blue-Purple
FeetCrimson Marauder’s BootsDark MatterBloodfire RedGlittering Gold
WeaponBlackened Focus Breaker
MountMarauder Orbitron Mount with full Entertainer’s flair

Where to Obtain:

Head: Gamescon code

Shoulders: Explorer Costume

Chest: Explorer final mission reward (Defile for me)

Hands: Wildstar Box Promotion

Legs: Scientist Costume

Feet: Wildstar Box Promotion

Weapon: Defile

Mount: PVE tier 5 contract reward


Fact: I am not really a Moose.