Malya Violetsong – Entity

  • Character: Malya Violetsong of Entity
  • Submitted by: Buckley

I have been told many times by many friends that Malya “looks like a wizard”. She is a Stalker and the daughter of Matria Anyani Violetsong who did not survive the trip from Arboria to Nexus; however, the dress made by the tenders of Hillsong as a birhtday surprise for Matria Anyani, the last Singing Violet of Hillsong preserved in special soil, and Malya’s pet vind did survive the crash in the Northern Wilds. She wears her mother’s dress as a means of remembering her as she herself has only just become an Aurin adult and has a little kit of her own to take care of. Malya is named after my Shadow in SWTOR from the Harbinger Server — can be looked up at! Her dress was born from an early desire of mine to make a “Winter” dress after something I saw in Whitevale that is not in game for players to obtain and it came into existence by pure accident. However, it is one of my favorite outfits in the game and also a favorite of many of my friends. I am currently unable to edit screenshots on my computer for some odd reason, so I apologize for most of them being unedited.

Piece Name Primary Dye Color Secondary Dye Color Tertiary Dye Color
Head Experimental Pursuant’s Hypertrace Brim Primal Earth
Shoulders Blademother Shoulder Armor Corruptied Strain Corruptied Strain Sunset
Chest Preposterous Topcoat Corruptied Strain Nebula Sunset
Hands Preposterous Cuffs Corruptied Strain Nebula Sunset
Legs Preposterous Pantaloons Nebula Glittering Gold
Feet Ascendancy Stompers Corruptied Strain Sunset Sunset
Weapon Chu-slayer Fangs
Mount Equivar (Floral)

Where to Obtain:

  • Head: World Drop / Auction House
  • Shoulders: Quest Reward – Stalker/Medic (Celestion or Wilderrun?)
  • Chest: Discovery – The Defile / Auction House
  • Hands: Discovery – The Defile / Auction House
  • Legs: Discovery – The Defile / Auction House
  • Feet: Quest Reward – Stalker/Medic (end of Whitevale)
  • Weapon: Settler Project Completion Spawned Mission (Tremor Ridge, Algoroc)
  • Mount: Game Store (Limited Time Mount Revisits, very rare to see)