Gloom Kitty – Entity


Character – Gloom Kitty – Entity

Submitted by – Doom Kitty




Piece Name Primary Dye Color Secondary Dye Color Tertiary Dye Color
Head N/A
Shoulders Scientist’s Lab Epaulet Undersea Undersea Torine Blue
Chest Brewsister Meloth’s Leather Corset Undersea Undersea Lunar Light
Hands Grips of the Undertow Undersea
Legs Superior Steel Greaves Undersea Lunar Light Undersea
Feet Brokebone Boots Undersea Undersea Undersea
Weapon Bladed Revengers

Where to Obtain:


Shoulders: Path reward

Chest: Crafted – Outfitter | AH

Hands: Drop – Wilderrun

Legs: lvl 19 Heavy armor drop – Galeras/ Auroria

Feet: N/A

Weapon: Quest reward – Malgrave



This is my favorite outfit on Gloom. The chest piece has amazing details and when the 3rd dye channel is colored to match the wearer’s skin tone, it creates the look of open leather lattice. Paired with the garter-look of the greaves, or the fishnet mesh of Stonespike Rockhorde wing mail, it’s a FIENDishly fab gothic look worthy of any space vampire B film! Enjoy 🙂

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