Doom Kitty – Entity


Character – Doom Kitty – Entity

Submitted by – Doom Kitty




Piece Name Primary Dye Color Secondary Dye Color Tertiary Dye Color
Head Protostar Choice Armor Helmet Shiny Yellow Undersea
Shoulders N/A N/A N/A N/A
Chest Cryosuit of the Dominion shiny Yellow Laser Beam Undersea
Hands Bloodmist Feelers Undersea Undersea Undersea
Legs Exile’s Cryosuit Pants Shiny Yellow Shiny Yellow Undersea
Feet Crimson Marauder’s Boots Undersea Undersea Undersea
Weapon Sunstorm Ray Guns

Where to Obtain:

Head: Fortune’s Corner heavy armor vendor

Shoulders: N/A

Chest: Illium – arkship memorabilia vendor (on a Dom toon)

Hands: Random drop/AH

Legs: Shady Dealer in Thayd

Feet: WS Box collectible / AH

Weapon: Vet Malgrave – gold medal drop



Hi fashionable Nexians!

This is an outfit I put together for our guild’s 1yr anniversary party. My husband built this INSANELY gorgeous event space and I wanted something that would stand out in a crowd. The pistols really POP again the cheerful yellow and it’s become my go-to party costume. Hope you like it!

Stay FABULOUS, Cupcakes!
Doom xoxoxo

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