Doom Kitty – Entity


Character – Doom Kitty – Entity

Submitted by – Doom Kitty




Piece Name Primary Dye Color Secondary Dye Color Tertiary Dye Color
Head N/A
Shoulders N/A
Chest Loose Lips Galixio’s Tunic Supernova White Undersea Supernova White
Hands Eradicator’s Fusawarp Gage Supernova White Undersea Undersea
Legs The Highwayman’s Pants Undersea Supernova White
Feet Runetouched Physician’s Boots Undersea Undersea Undersea
Weapon Spindrifters

Where to Obtain:



Chest: Drop – Vet Crimelords of Whitevale

Hands: drop – Grimvault| AH

Legs: Account bound – Beta player

Feet: lvl 15 runecrafting quest (med armor)

Weapon: lvl 35 world drop | AH



This outfit I put together to host the latest NBDList gala, and it’s my favorite thing EVER. I’e used the coat/glove combo for ages, but in white with the black thigh highs the whole look is incredible. For those who do not have the Highwayman’s costume from playing in Beta, I’ve added an alternative pant to create a thigh-high garter look. Pants are Superior Steel Greaves and are a lvl 19 heavy armor drop from Galeras/Auroria (also shown on Gloom Kitty). Enjoy 🙂

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